It Should Have Been You

Iím going through changes again,
living in dangerous times
Looking through different eyes, 
and Iím all alone again

Each time I promise myself
To hold on, hold on
I keep it inside, thatís been the rule
Now all I see is Iíve been a fool

It should have been you who turned my world around
You promised you would, 
It should have been you,
Give me strength to survive and keep hope alive
Itís true, it should have been you,
it should have been you

I, I know itís a hard road ahead
thereís danger in every turn
And Iím watching out for the signs,
and lessons to learn

I canít go on living alone
Gotta hold on, hold on
Life is unkind and love can be cruel
Itís all you believe when youíve been a fool

© 2004 Billy
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