Sin City

65 miles and weíre making good time
110 and the motor feels fine
Adrenalin rush when you see those lights
The neon town in the desert night

Iíve been saving my money for one night on the town
Find a sweet talking honey help me party it down
I know Iíll be up all night
But Iím gonna be feeliní alright

Give me one more night in old Sin City
Liviní it up putting it down in the
City of lights
I need one more night in old Sin City
Gonna lay my money down baby everytime

Seven come eleven,
whereís Lady Luck
If you wanna win big you gotta spend a few bucks
Come line, double down,
Roulette wheel
And Iím gonna break the bank on the very next deal

Like a distant thunder, 
you feel it deep in your soul
You get the mindset baby, 
and then you get on a roll
Canít make it in Hollywood
But I donít care Ďcause this feels so good

The thrill of the deal, the spin of the wheel
The flash of the lights
Iíll never come down Iím riding that
merry-go-round tonight
Well itís sink or swim, 
do or die, crash or fly
In this desert neon town, if you want big money
If you want big money, youíve got to lay it down

© 2004 Billy
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