A pretty woman, a one night stand,
A jealous lover with a gun in his hand
Got you tied to the scene of the crime
An innocent man in the wrong place at the wrong time

The heat passion the flash of a gun
Ainít no pity for a man on the run
Faded to black when he made his attack
You pack it in boy, hit the road
and never look back

But justice was denied
Youíre a wanted man, dead or alive
Run, run, run
Nowhere to hide, youíre under the gun
Run, run, run
20 to life the damage is done

Never saw it cominí but youíre takiní the fall
Never outrun the long arm of the law
Dagger and cloak in the still of the night
You better steal away boy, 
hit the road, and stay out of sight

Wakiní up in a cold, cold sweat
A nightmare scene that you canít forget
Hard time cominí for a moment of fun
A cold hard fact for an innocent man on the run

© 2004 Billy
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